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Innovative, high-tech and always up-to-date: Our high-speed connector pin insertion machines have proven themselves in terms of high-performance production with the highest accuracy and reliable production availability. The modular design and fast retooling increase the flexibility and efficiency of your production processes.


Available in fully-automatic and semi-automatic design

Vision inspection of contact strip

Strip with adjustment for insertion of up to 6 different contact lengths* (Up to 8 on request)

Feeding for up to 6 contact reels/strips* (Up to 8 on request)

Insertion force monitoring for tool protection (process safety)

Multiple insertion (up to 10 contacts per stroke)

Insertion of different contact types (e.g. signal contacts, power contacts)

Cam-controlled insertion head for high speed and high precision insertion


  • Workpiece carrier size: up to 250 x 75 mm*other sizes on request
  • Contact length: up to 68 mm
  • Contact thickness: 0,25 – 0.8 mm
  • Insertion area: up to 300 x 65 mm
  • Insertion speed (single pin insertion): up to 400 insertions / min
  • Insertion speed (multiple pin insertion):up to 350 insertions / min
  • Loading and unloading time: 1,5 sec. (total)



  • Electronic insertion depth adjustment (insertion depth correction)
  • Automatic pitch error correction (contact strip)
  • Camera inspection of contact strip
  • Inner pusher adjustment for shoulderless contacts

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