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The next generation in connector inspection:

Our inspection system EIS 3D is equipped with  high-end vision inspection technology. It makes connector testing more effective and precise. The modular Design enables the integration of EIS 3D in a fully-automatic production line.


3D line scan camera

Contactless, in-line measuring of the true position and pin height, without prolonging the cycle time of the Eberhard assembly systems

High image acquisition speed, at a line frequency of 21,2 kHz

Precise 3D measurements with the unique combination of line scan camera technology and rapid 3D stereo calculation

3D line scan camera technology reduces shadowing to a minimum and enables the detection of the finest pins, even in deep connector cavities

Intuitive visualization of production data and easy process analysis based on a variety of evaluation screens, within a newly designed user interface


  • Optical resolution: 15 µm/Pixel
  • Field of view (scan width): 40 mm
  • Max. measurable connector length: 300 mm
  • Line frequency: 21,2 kHz
  • Max. acquisition speed: 300 mm/s

Measurement reliability at nanopins

  • Standard deviation, pin height: 8µm
  • Repeatability cg pin height (tolerance ± 0,2mm): ≥1,67
  • Standard deviation, true position: 5µm
  • Repeatability of true position: cg ≥ 2,67, tolerance ± 0,2mm

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