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Exceptional solutions for exceptional industries

Exceptional Solutions for exceptional industries

Highly flexible machine concepts, different degrees of automation, tried- and-tested technology and more than 50 years of experience in the field of producing high-quality printed circuit boards (PCB) and reliable connectors for the automotive industryhigh-speed data transmission (tele and data communication) and

digital networks (industry and automation) - this is the portfolio of Eberhard AG.

Customers all over the world value the modularity, scalability and configurability of Eberhard machines.


Technology in the automotive industry is evolving rapidly. The fields of innovation span from energy efficiency to safety and driver assistance systems up to electromobility.

Printed circuit boards (PCB) and connectors are essential components in automotive electronics.

Eberhard AG offers state of the art automation and assembly solutions for vehicle electronics. Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers benefit from our reliable and individually adaptable production solutions.

Our machines are tailored to customer requirements.

Our portfolio in the automotive sector:

Data Communication

In modern infrastructures, real-time data transfer is becoming ever more important.

Bandwidth requirements are growing disproportionally to the miniaturization of communication devices and network technology. Fail-safe connectors play a crucial role to assure the highest performance and the lowest malfunction rates for these devices.

In the field of high-performance data transmission Eberhard AG offers reliable production solutions ranging from semi-automated manual work stations to fully automated turnkey production lines for connectors (headers and plugs) as well as printed circuit boards (PCB).

Our portfolio in the data communication sector:


Modern economy and society place high demands on digital network technology, machine - to - machine communication (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT).

Eberhard engineers have taken customer requirements into consideration.

Our scalable system concepts and standardized modules can quickly and individually be adapted to even the most demanding production requirements.

With our highly flexible machines you gain the competitive edge.

Our portfolio in the industry sector:

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